The Jenicoh Promise

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Australian Made

Jenicoh is an Australian brand of holistic beauty products that respects the connection between the mind, gut and skin. We believe that lifelong beauty is the result of nurturing the whole body, inside and out.

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Wonderfully Complex

Every one of us is a wonderfully complex ecosystem. Working together, our body’s natural internal and external states create true beauty. With a strong, balanced microbiome, skin is more radiant and at its best.

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Beauty Inside & Out

Jenicoh promises to provide beauty inside and out through natural essences easily absorbed by the body and holistic skin care that uses potent botanicals, probiotics and naturally occurring ingredients. We consider ourselves global citizens, using ethically sourced ingredients (no palm oil), cruelty free processes and recyclable or reusable packaging.

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Quality Ingredients

Our beautiful inside essences are gluten and lactose free, using prebiotics and probiotics to balance our internal microbiome and taste delicious. As our microbiome supports our exterior, Jenicoh’s beautiful outside skin care and body care range targets oily or combination skin types, and dry, normal or mature skin types.

Leading Beauty

Founded by practicing psychologist, naturopath, and formulation chemist Dr Lynn Olivier, the Jenicoh collection is the leading beauty range of its class. Through a conscious blend of beauty psychology, cellular science, nature and holistic wellbeing, the Jenicoh range equips skin with nutrients it needs to truly glow.

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