Our Story

Jenicoh Founder Dr Lynn Olivier’s lifelong enthusiasm for the wellbeing of the whole person informed her approach to developing the Jenicoh collection. Through a conscious blend of beauty psychology, cellular science, nature and holistic wellbeing, the range equips skin with nutrients it needs to truly glow.

In her capacity as a practicing psychologist and naturopath, Dr Olivier has spent over three decades supporting people holistically. She has studied the science of beauty and empowered people to see their own beauty, appreciate it, nurture it and look after it. She believes that beauty is not a complex, mystical abstraction but accessible to everyone.

As scientific advances are made in holistic beauty, Jenicoh has developed new and innovative approaches to address each person’s ability to truly live optimally. A healthy microbiome can have an incredibly positive impact on a person’s mind and Dr Olivier’s goal was to create a range that respected the building blocks of beauty and involved the mind, the digestive system and the skin.

The Jenicoh collection is formulated to support beauty – inside and out.

Dr Lynn Olivier

Dr Lynn Olivier
Jenicoh Founder

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