Why are probiotics included in some of your products?

Our skin is a rich ecology (a biome). For every 1 human cell there are 10 microbes living in harmony in and on our skin. A recent extensive study – the Human Biome Project – illustrates how the interaction and balance of these trillions of microbes are essential for healthy functioning and glowing skin. Probiotics are microbes that are good for your skin. Prebiotics are the food source for these probiotics. When our biome is balanced – our skin is protected and strong enough to resists environmental toxins and the effects of aging are reduced – and our skin appears healthy, radiant and glowing.

Jenicoh has developed a range of integrative beauty products which work to balance your skin’s biome. All our inner beauty products contain an optimal balance of probiotics that will balance the internal biome of our bodies and many of our outer beauty products contain probiotics to balance the biome on our skins. The Jenicoh system is developed to enhance, balance and maintain a healthy, radiant beautiful body, mind, and skin – that’s why we have integrated the latest research findings into our product development. We will continue to do this as new research emerges.

Do you only use Australian botanicals in your products?

No, not always. But where we can, we do.

Recent chromatography research revealed the potency of Australian native extracts. The Australian climate is harsh. Plants survive in extended periods of harsh sunlight and drought. They survive and thrive. They contain mechanisms to protect themselves from the effects of oxidative stress that is caused by sun-induced free radicals. We believe that this has resulted in extreme potency and bioavailability of these extracts of botanicals. Science supports our belief – the anti-oxidant concentration was found to be extremely high in these plants when tested.

We also do use ingredients which are sourced from other places in the world (always from sustainable and ethical sources) because not all botanicals grow and thrive in Australia and we do need to use what is the most appropriate ingredient to achieve the best outcome for you in our products.

Can I exchange or return my products?

You can return or exchange your products if:
they do not comply with a statutory guarantee contained in the Australian Consumer Law. More details about this can be found in our Terms and Conditions

If you change your mind – we will also accept exchanges and returns for unused, sealed products that are in a resalable condition. Some of our products are ingestible – so we are unable to accept any returns of opened products (unless of course it does not comply with the statutory guarantee contained in the Australian law)

Please email your request to return your product to info@jenicoh.com.au and we will send you the process to follow to return your product. We must receive your returned product within 30 days of purchase and require a copy of your sales invoice/order confirmation. You will need to pay for return shipping costs and we do not refund original shipping costs.

If I buy Jenicoh products at another store – can I return them to you

We can only accept returns purchased directly from Jenicoh.com.au, unless the product is not of acceptable quality or it does not not comply with a statutory guarantee contained in the Australian Consumer Law. More details about this can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Please contact us directly on info@jenicoh.com.au and we will provide you with a remedy. Or if your purchased your products from another store or website, please contact them directly to return your product according to their return’s policy

Can I take Jenicoh Inner beauty products with other medications?

It is always a good idea to check with your health care provider if you are taking other medications or receiving specific medical treatment for any condition before consuming our inner probiotic beauty supplements.

Can I take Jenicoh Inner beauty products while I am pregnant or breast feeding?

Jenicoh Inner Beauty products are totally natural, very nutritious and food-based. But there have not been any studies specifically done which show that they are totally safe in pregnancy or breastfeeding – so we recommend that, as with any other supplement, you check with your health care practitioner before consuming them.

Can I give Jenicoh Inner beauty products to my children?

Yes you can. It is recommended that you start at 1/8th of the recommended dose and gradually build up to ½ the dose for children between the ages of 3 and 12. Not suitable for babies

We are in the process of developing a range specifically for babies and children. We want our beautiful children to have health, balanced bodies, minds and skins.

What is the shelf life of Jenicoh Products?

Sealed, Jenicoh inner beauty has a shelf life of 24 months. Once opened it is advisable to use it within 90 days. Because of the living cultures and bacteria in the Jenicoh Inner beauty products, we recommend that you keep them refrigerated once opened. If this is not possible, store in a cool place away from direct sunlight (Each 500ml bottle of Jenicoh Inner Beauty contains a moths supply if used every day).

Do you use accredited laboratories and manufacturers?

Absolutely. Quality and safety is paramount in all our products.

Are your products tested on animals?

Jenicoh will NEVER test on animals or be associated with any organization that does.
All our products are rigorously tested in highly sophisticated laboratories using the latest scientific technology, and then tested on willing human volunteers once fully approved for human use.
Before we consider entry into a new country, we will extensively review the regulatory requirements to ensure that compulsory animal testing on our products is not required.

Do I need an account to purchase Jenicoh products on your website?

You do not need an account to shop online as you can purchase as a guest.
Creating an account will allow you to save your details so that when you return to the store you can login to purchase without adding your contact details again.

When can I expect to receive delivery of my order?

Jenicoh will use reasonable endevours to deliver your order via standard shipping within:

3 – 7 working days to an Australian address

In most cases Australia Post will be used and a tracking code will be issued so you can track where your products are.

Will you sell to International customers?

Customers residing outside Australia are welcome to enquire about our products via our contact form.

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